Top 4 Advantages of Cloud Hosting Security Solution

Cloud Hosting Security Solution

Most businesses, whether large and small, have already taken advantage of the cloud technology and migrated all or part of their servers to the cloud. The remaining businesses are preparing to move to. Moving business operations to the cloud is beneficial, as it increases control, flexibility, and scalability. However, like any hosting solution, cloud hosting has its fair share of challenges. It makes enterprises more susceptible to cyber attacks. Hackers take advantage of cloud technology to launch malicious attacks. To get in front of these problems, you need to implement powerful cloud security, such as antivirus, sandboxes, firewall and other tools to track your traffic and pinpoint threats and neutralize them. Here are the reasons to implement cloud hosting security solution:

Cloud hosting security solution cushions against data infiltration

Any online business owner will tell you that data infiltration is one of the greatest challenges they face. Statistically, over 2.6 billion records were stolen online in 2016 alone. Cloud-based security solutions come along with a range of security protocols and various controls to help you get in front of data infringement problems. This cloud-based security solution gives you the freedom to pick individuals who will be privileged to access your data in the cloud. Also, cloud security solution will help you discover any malicious activities happening on your cloud servers, plus it will help you retrieved any lost data.

Cloud hosting security solution prevents Distributed Denial of Service attacks

If a hacker wants to attack a specific website, they will channel tons of traffic from various sources to the target website server. The website server will then be overwhelmed by the ton of traffic, making any legitimate effort by the website owner to report a breach almost difficult. The website will experience downtime for hours or days, and this is where they steal data. This downtime can also bring significant losses to your business. Cloud security solutions can mitigate this problem by initiating real-time scanning and discover DDoS attacks. When hackers try to direct a ton of traffic to your website, system managers are alerted, and they distribute the traffic among the servers present and neutralize the threat.

Cloud hosting security solution helps keep your costs down

Purchasing and setting up security infrastructure to keep a sharp eye out on attacks can add up your business costs. You can dodge such costs by outsourcing security solutions. With outsourced cloud security solution, you’ll only be required to pay a subscription fee, which is cost-effective.

Cloud hosting solution accords you 24/7 monitoring

Cloud security solution providers typically offer 24/7 site monitoring, which means your site will be protected all through the day and night. Cloud-based security solutions have in-built redundancy that keeps track of your site’s downtimes and can offer duplicate of lost and recovered data.