Even with a Shoestring Budget, You Can Still Market your Business

Let’s face it, marketing is expensive, and many businesses can barely afford to allocate a budget for it; this is especially true if you are a start-up. Even for the more established companies, one of the first areas to go during budget cuts is usually marketing.

It is, however, possible to do marketing on a small budget, especially with the growth of online avenues. We will share with you the marketing strategies that will help you get a high level of brand awareness, without having to spend too much money.

1. Have a good elevator pitch

Marketing is not about sending out advertisements or doing experiential marketing only. It requires that you are continually trying to raise awareness about your business wherever you are. You, therefore, need to have a good elevator speech because, many people have a minimal attention span, and if you do not grab their attention, you will lose.

Your elevator pitch should not be more than one-minute long. You need to deliver your messaging as clearly as possible without using too many words. Remember, it is not all about the words, but the content.

2. Use the community to your advantage

To create brand awareness, you need to be part of the community within which you operate. While a start-up may not have a big budget for corporate social responsibility programs, you can take up one that is cost-effective. Sponsor cleanups, planting trees, donate books to the local library, and facilitate medical checkups for things like diabetes or blood pressure.

You will find that the community will be more willing to embrace a company that walks with them daily. Engage with them at that level, and then use these platforms to talk more about your business.

3. Explore partnerships

Come together with businesses which are not your competitors. See how you can synergize your energies so that you can promote each other. For example, if you run a taxi business, you can approach the local hotels and give them reasonable rates for their customers. In return, you can be the referral for the hotel so that you send customers their way.

Have the relevant material, including flyers, coupons, among others. Have it in mind that customers like convenience, and if they can get everything in one package, they are more likely to bring the business to you.

Better still, you will be able to expand your customer base, thus more business for you.

4. Networking is key

Getting together with people of like Minds is a great way to market your business. Join relevant groups, whether online or offline; people within a network will promote each other. Think about it this way; if someone within your system has a garage, you are more likely to recommend that person to another as opposed to sending the business to someone who’s not in your group.

5. Volunteer yourself

There are many opportunities you can volunteer your services, for example, become a speaker at local events.

Volunteer internship and mentorship opportunities to the local teenagers; people will definitely talk about what you are doing for the community. If the community sees that you are willing to make a positive change in the lives of those they love, they will bring you business.

6. Referrals are important

If you have a happy client, do not be shy about asking them to refer you to other people. The best thing about a reference is that someone is endorsing your company and is, therefore, more believable.

7. Put your customer first

How you relate to your customers will determine whether or not they come back. A company that has strong relationships with its customers is more likely to succeed. Collect relevant information about your customers and use it to your advantage. As a customer, you get a warm fuzzy feeling anytime your supplier sends you messages on important days like a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, among others.

It does not take time to do this; there are many online tools that you can use to schedule posts on particular days. Scheduled posts will ensure that you never forget an important date in a customer’s life. A customer who feels that you appreciate them will never get the urge to go anywhere else.

8. Run programs that benefit the customer

While there is a cost aspect to some of these programs, for example, discounts or coupons, the return on investment is usually worth it. Such strategies keep customers locked because they are always looking forward to the next deal. If they are particularly happy with what you offer, they will most likely return and bring a friend along.

9. Use your social media platforms

You cannot ignore the vital role social media has in marketing your business. The best part about it is that all these platforms are free to join, and even without spending a cent, you can still spread the message about your company. However, make sure you have a good social media plan so that your marketing is not haphazard.

10. Use your website

Many business owners are beginning to appreciate the role of blogging. A blog will allow you to speak as an authority, and you are in a position to provide invaluable information to your customers.

If other websites link to yours, it will make it easier for search engines to find you. You will, therefore, rank highly on the search engines, making it very likely that anyone looking for information about your area of expertise will stumble across your website.

Final thoughts

We have shared with you ten invaluable tips on how to spread your marketing message without spending too much money. Be careful though, the more your brand awareness grows, the more your customers will expect of you. You, therefore, need to invest in ensuring that you can deliver quality goods and services because your most potent marketing tool is feedback from your clients.

In the days of social media, a disgruntled client can bring down your business without spending too much time. Be particularly careful about social media platforms and how you handle feedback from clients. Apply these cost-effective methods and see your brand awareness grow.

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