The 3 Best Free Cloud Hosting Solutions for Startups

Free Cloud Hosting Solutions for Startups

About 10 years ago, organizations used to dedicate a small percentage of their budgets for infrastructure installation. However, with the innovation of cloud technology, the routine changed because of the technology reduced infrastructure requirement. Business owners now dedicate that money to other profitable aspects of their businesses. While cloud hosting comes at a cost, certain providers offer free solutions to startups to enable them to get off the ground. These free cloud providers have formed partnerships with global incubators and accelerators to help startups find their feet. If you’re a new startup, the last thing you want to indulge in is burning money. That’s why we’ve brought you the best 3 free cloud hosting solutions to leverage:

Microsoft Azure is a renowned free cloud hosting service

Microsoft Azure dictates proceedings when it comes to cloud hosting among technology startups. It’s a broad, trustworthy and flexible solution that synchronizes with your existing IT assets seamlessly and transmits the benefits of the cloud on your terms. With Microsoft Azure, you get to enjoy services, software and technical support for free. If you qualify for the Microsoft Azure cloud service, you get up to $120, 000 of free Azure credits. The reason why startups like Microsoft Azure appeals to startup owners is because it lets them deploy thousands of instances in a matter of minutes. It also comes with powerful features such as operating system, health monitoring, application patching, auto-scaling and load balancing, all of which make Azure the most sought-after cloud hosting solution.

Amazon Web Services is another free cloud hosting solution

Amazon prides itself as the first platform to extend cloud hosting services to startups. It’s currently enjoying the fruits of starting early, as it’s the most sought-after free cloud hosting service for startups in the world. Through the years, Amazon Web Services has scaled their cloud hosting service to make it a magnet for startups. Its flagship program known as AWS Activate offers a plethora of benefits, including technical training programs, promotional credits (from $1,000 and $15,000) and entirely free support.

IBM SoftLayer is also a free cloud hosting solution

IBM SoftLayer is also a popular free cloud hosting solution that appeals to startups worldwide. What makes IBM SoftLayer a popular solution is its 14 data centers in continents such as US, Europe, and Asia. To attract startups, IBM SoftLayer guarantees them a $1000 monthly credit and lets them utilize SoftLayer’s infrastructure to host their systems.

Cloud hosting solution is perfect for small-sized businesses and startups that wish to establish a robust online presence and beef up business processes. So if you’re looking for a free cloud hosting solution to scale your business fast, pick out one in the list above.