What Is A Premium Domain And How To Buy One?

If you have tried to register a domain name before, you can attest to this. Some domains are highly priced or are already taken. Maybe you are looking on to start a restaurant, when you key in the name restaurant.com, find it is already gone, or its price is beyond your budget. For instance, you find that hotel.com costs $2000 while nicedishhotel.com is going for $10.

These priced domains are the one known as premium domains. These domain names are either registry-owned or privately-owned. Also, they go for a high acquisition price going for hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is because their value is perceived to be high and meets all conditions of an authoritative domain name – simple, short, and memorable. Also, they contain the niche keyword, easy to brand and of the right length. Read more

But how can you know if a domain is a premium when registering one?

Registering/buy a premium domain

Naturally, domain names go for $10-$30. If you find one that is beyond this scale, probably it is a premium domain. In the process of registering your domain, the registrar will show you the existing premium ones which will undoubtedly be expensive than the rest. If you are comfortable with the price, you can set off your domain registration process as usual. Here are the steps:

1. Find the domain

Here, you log on to the domain registration services provider’s website. Then, you check the available premium domain names. If you do not have an idea of the existing domain registrars, you can use the search engine to find one. Nevertheless, Google, Shopify, Godaddy, BlueHost, among others are some of the popular domain registrars.

2. Adding the domain to cart

Once you have found your preferable premium domain, you need to proceed by adding it to the cart. This act means that you have reserved that domain and it is no longer available for sale. In a layman’s language, it is like going to a store, picking a product from the shelf, and putting it in the shopping cart. So it is no longer available to the next customer. As such, you become a partial owner of that domain.

3. Creating or signing in on the registrar site

Now, if you do not have an account with the registrar you are buying the domain from, you need to create one. This is by filling in your name, email address, username, and password. Completing these steps turn you into a subscriber of the registrar. You can receive updates about domain market, new ideas to earn more from your site, among other tips to enhance your domain.

But for this purpose, you aim to complete your premium domain registration process. So, you can opt to subscribe to the registrars’ updates or ignore them.

4. Fill your contact information and checkout

Upon sign up, now you have to fill your contact information. This step is essential as it helps the registrar to reach you in case they want to confirm or solve an issue. After loading the data now is the time to make payment. The registrar will offer you several options which include debit or credit card, PayPal, or even direct bank transfers.

Are you now a premium domain owner? Probably yes. But, in finalizing this process, the current owner or registrar need to transfer the intellectual property and ownership to you. So, unlike other domain where you can start working on your site upon domain registration, you have to wait for some time to fully own this type of domain name.

All in all, premium domains are expensive than regular domains. However, their value is just a perception, and there is no guarantee that owning one places you in a better position than peers with normal ones.